Famille blanquetière implantée depuis plusieurs générations à Villelongue d’Aude…

The Capdepon family comes from a blanquetiere family, settled for several generations in the heart of Cathar country, in the small village of Villelongue D’aude that is typical to the area. Our vineyard, with 80 hilly hectares, between oak forest and garrigues, is served by the Mediterranean climate and ocean influence. The Southern sun, combined with the freshness of the altitude of the hills, produce the ideal conditions needed to perfectly ripen the grapes used in our sparkling wines.

Our great grandparents have always produced beautifully crafted Blanquette for family and friends.
Their passion has been passed through the generations of our family, as has the secret to manufacturing our dear, delicious bubbles. We are pioneers in producing Blanquette wine on a commercial scale, the so-called Blanquette “de propriétaire”, today called “Limoux method ancestral” which we have made our specialty.
We believe in a simple oenology that is centred on a deep respect for the environment and. that is why all our grapes come from vineyards cultivated in reasoned agriculture.


Open up this wine more than 4 centuries old and make your moments of joy sparkle.